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Between those acid vibes and tribal rhythms, beating furiously always where it’s darkest before light, sit those chunky tones, pounding deep into the recesses of your primal brain. It’s from these shadows where you might find Mike Clark (a.k.a LEKTRK), a softly spoken London born, Melbourne bred techno producer and DJ who’s been consistently delivering some of the heaviest and darkest of selections for some time now. He’s not afraid to pay respect and homage to techno of the 2000s era, whilst managing to bring new dark and psy elements to his work. His meticulously crafted productions will occasionally send any-a-Berlin clubber from yester-year into a warm wave of nostalgia. 

LEKTRK has an ever-evolving style that can be heard in his music creation, but one fact remains, it is always relevant to the times. Priding himself on constantly pushing the boundaries and exploring the unknown, whilst also having a remarkable knack for replicating sounds that have been popular for generations. His releases tend to plot tricky yet coherent lines between techno, slick dark/bush tech, and progressive house.

The first hit for LEKTRK was in 2018 with Tech House track “Storm” gaining huge attention locally in his hometown of Melbourne and has made a splash internationally, finding favour in many of the world’s hottest clubs and reputable online radio. Since then, LEKTRK has had a string of Techno and Tech releases and notable collaborations, finding favour with clubs and DJ’s alike.

LEKTRK’s 2022 release on the mighty Senso imprint, “Bump”– is a chuggy club banger which gained a lot of attention on the international scene. This track has a pulsating baseline, an infectious thud guaranteed to cause your toes to tap and head to nod. This baseline is complemented with an assortment of grinding acid notes that are sprinkled throughout the track, laid in such a way as to give it a futuristic air. It’s complex and dark enough to keep its edges sharp, yet versatile and groovy enough that it will get a run on any good Techno playlist. 

LETKRK has appeared on a growing list of top techno labels such as Senso, Shadow Wulf, Subios, Techgnogsis, AMW Black, Frisson, Mavic Music, and more. He has regularly headlined at local club, My Aeon for events such as ‘Techno Time’.

Mike also hosts a monthly radio show on Kiss FM Australia called ‘The LEKTRONIC Show’, showcasing and featuring new music and focusing on his favourite local/international artists and labels, having had notable guests of current and rising talent from around the globe.

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